Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gun Shopping at NRACON2011

For the last few years I have been prodding my bride to take an interest in self-defense. I have told her that whatever gun she liked, no matter what it was, I would get it for her without question. Most recently, she has come around to the idea and is at least willing to humor me in the quest for a gun that she would like (and would carry). So, with a little trepidation, we set out to find something that fit and was manageable.

Into the 'acres and acres of death and destruction' we went. Braving the crowds, we patiently waited for our turn to fondle the hardware at all of the major manufacturers present. On Day One (Friday), we found a lot of guns that ranked either "Meh", or "Eeww, no", and after a while they kind of ran together. So we took a break and assessed.

After some thought we decided that, if the guns she handled didn't feel special, then we put it down and moved on. No sense trying to remember something that wasn't memorable. At the end of the first day, the list was getting pretty short on guns to try. The most comfortable of the bunch at that point was the Springfield Armory XDm-9 Compact. (Not bad...)

Day Two broke beautiful and clear, and we arrived with the goal of trying the remaining guns, and re-trying some of the memorable guns from day one once again. Once again into the breach. We stopped at the Colt booth,she picked up the Defender, and she said... "I really like this one". The clouds parted, Angels descended from on high in a shaft of bright light singing joy and praises, and my entire world paused silently for a brief instant. That was the first and only time she has said that after handling many dozens of guns...and we may have a winner!

So now, we go back to get through some stuff I was steering her away from at first, like airweight snubbies (story later), to cement the wisdom of her choice firmly in her mind. I expect we will wear tracks into the carpet at the Colt booth to confirm things, and maybe check out a few similar 1911s at other booths. But, it really looks like the Colt may be the one, unless OldNFO wants to sell his C&S. :)

See you at the Show.