Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRACON2011 - Day one

After a long night with much stress and little sleep (See below), we finally hit the convention. Some observations:

Pittsburgh traffic planners make the guys in DC and Northern Virginia look like geniuses.

The NRA is very good at branding...although I did not see an NRA Canned Ham. Maybe next year.

The Duck Tour drivers are really not going to run you over, even though the overhang on the bow looks like it will.

The guys from Lucky Gunner and Crimson Trace put on amazing parties, and the Tilted Kilt is worth your time, even once. (Although, a few of the waitresses were hired for reasons other than their intellectual prowess...sorry, no pics.)

There are enough "Bubbas" in suspenders and coveralls walking around to lend some 'truthiness' to the stereotype.

If you ask the right person at the right time, you WILL get an additional discount on some things for paying cash.

Most of the vendors are passionate about their products, some to the point of rabidness at times. ;)

The H-S Precision booth was mostly empty, most of the time.

The gun bloggers are the most fun to hang out with.

More detailed stuff as I ready the posts.



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