Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The open carry debate

A little brouhaha has erupted over the 'library carry' demonstration. I am not going to address the specific controversy here.

What I will state is this:
Define your goals. Plan a way to effectively achieve those goals. Do an 'after-action' report to gauge the effectiveness of those plans. Adjust, adapt, and then repeat.
If your goal is to maximize media exposure, regardless of reaction or outcome, then you take the negative with the positive and live with the result. If your goal is something else, then it would help to state it in advance so that the reaction can be tempered in the context of the desired outcome.




Old NFO said...

Good point...

Mike W. said...

Tailor your actions to fit your goal. What a novel concept.

Robb Allen said...

The converse applies. Do not apply YOUR goals to other people's actions. Their goals may be different.

However, what you say here is a great part of doing effective activism.