Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drudge and Others ignore a scandal

Maybe Matt Drudge has gotten lazy in his success. Maybe he no longer cares to be on the cutting edge of journalism. Maybe the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry late last year wasn't scandalous enough. Well, it is now. And Drudge is ignoring it.

Searching the Drudge Archives for "Brian Terry", I get "0 results". Great work, there, Matt!

Oh, and ditto for HotAir and Breitbart.

Michelle Malkin has not covered anything other than the original murder, so it appears that she is not aware of the ATF's complicity in the case. I have pinged all of these "journalists" via twitter and email. And I have directed them to the user-friendly guide at

We need to keep up the pressure. Do your part please. Contact your Congressman and Senators (see my guide to HOW, below). This is our country, not the apparatchik's and bureaucrat's.



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