Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yes, the rifle is adequate

Last year I built up a DMPS LR-308. It shot fairly well, and I have been pretty pleased with it. Recently, I adjusted the scope in the rings to true up the reticle with the plane of the receiver top.

Up until yesterday, I had not had a chance to check the zero.

At the North Coast Blogger Shoot, I finally got a chance to check the zero before turning people loose with it. So, here is the 5-shot group testing the zero. Shot number 4 was a called "flyer" that I jerked the trigger on. Even so...:

With Quarter:

At the end of the day, I still had a blank target, so I shot a 10 shot group. By this time, we had a variable breeze blowing from the right at 5-10 mph. Here is that group:
I'd say that was adequate. ;)

Oh, and I think that JayG might have a picture of the "World's Most Dangerous Librarian" making smiley faces with it from 100yds. Hopefully he will post them soon.




Old NFO said...

That's great, considering where you started with that rifle :-) You done good Newbius!

Newbius said...

It is really nice when the cool kids want to play with YOUR toys. :)

That's JayG on my AR. And, Breda on the 308 at the bottom of the pic is making smiley faces on her target.

PISSED said...

Good morning :)

Thanks for stopping by and linking to your post. Now that I see how well the 308 shoots I REALLY need to go put some rounds thru it!