Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, this weekend I did my best to celebrate 10-10-10 in proper style. First, I drove 450 miles, solo (no carpooling), at speeds regularly faster than the posted limit.

Next, I participated in rapid, sequential, combustion events using chemicals designed to propel toxic metals at high rates of speed. And, I encouraged others to do the same. Using TOOLS:

I littered the ground with bits of plastic and lead, and caused the wasting of copious amounts of precious water. I followed this heresy with a dramatic failure to recycle in the hippie-approved appropriate fashion:

After this tragedy, I believe that I have firmly established my "daily carbon emission" baseline, which I hope to exceed regularly. Then I drove another 450 miles home.

I hope your weekend was as fun...




Newbius said...

Sorry, forgot the < sarcasm> < /sarcasm> tags. ;)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey Newbius, BIG thanks for helping my wife with her Weapons 101 training. She now knows what pistol and rifles she can shoot, and, more importantly, what weapons she LIKED to shoot and own. Changes to the Armory will be made over the next few months as money and trades permit. Hope we get to meet up again soon!