Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More obfuscation from Japete

Since Reasoned Discourse breaks out regularly on her blog, I am cross-posting my comment here:

Japete says "Instead of reassuring me, I am more concerned than ever that any efforts to stem the tide of gun violence will be met with fierce ,and maybe even armed resistance."

Perhaps if you focused on the criminals, instead of the tools, you would be met with open arms.

I will not equivocate on this issue. Your attempts to obfuscate and dance around the subject of civilian disarmament (which is all that this dance is about) will not dissuade me from my right to self-defense using the best tools available for the task. However, to your point above: If, by trying to "stem the tide of gun violence" you intend to attempt to disarm me, my friends, or my family, you can count on fierce armed resistance. Is that clear enough?



Mike W. said...

Amen! Quit trying to infringe upon my rights and you'll stop meeting fierce resistence.

On that note, if she'd stop lying we might stop calling her a liar.

She and her ilk intend to disarm me and my fellow Americans. I will not compromise. There is no appropriate response to the behavior of Joan Peterson and her ilk other than to discredit them, highlight their bigotry and drive them into obscurity with the likes of the KKK and fellow bigots.

Or I could just say "Molon Labe"

dakotas5 said...

Left a comment that any penetration is rape whether it is your God given body or my God given rights. Let her argue that.