Saturday, May 22, 2010

Modern Slavery

The man with the furtive eyes and the weapon in his belt looks around. A new batch of laborers is about to begin the journey. The conditions are terrible. For the guys with the weapons, the women and young girls provide entertainment during the journey. Unwilling entertainment, but that's fine with him. To him, they are just meat anyway. Who cares, she will make a good toy for her new master and he'll get a nice check for her sale.

The less healthy men will get sick, hurt, or maybe die during this journey. That's okay too. They have already paid their money and the rest can pick over the fallen's things for useful items. The recruiters back in their home towns don't care. They are already rounding up the next batch of workers.

These dark-skinned migrants are not the African slaves of the olden times. No. They are modern slaves. Bought and sold into the labor markets north of the border. Uneducated, they believe that they are going to a better life. The reality is that they are merely wage-slaves. Brought into the country with the complicity of the United States government in order to mask the fact that the country is bankrupt.

Yes. You read that correctly.

The Tax Parasites that control the levers of power know that the Baby Boom generation bubble has moved from the "Net payer" category to the "Net recipient" one. Without massive influxes of new revenue streams, the country will begin an ever-tightening death spiral of entitlement spending from which it cannot recover. We are not making babies fast enough to keep up with the payments. So, the answer is to force another group of immigrants onto the tax rolls so that the scheme can stay afloat for another few years and they can stay in power a little longer.

Like the slave owners of old, the exploitation of the minorities doesn't really bother them. They are elite and above them. Like the opponents of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, these power elites think they can get away with a little more oppression, just a little longer. The atrocities, the rape trees, the discrimination, these are all okay as long as the money keeps flowing.

It is wrong.

Decency requires that the flow of slaves cease. If your congress-critter or local politician is an advocate of open borders; if your representative condemns other locales for daring to stand up for law and order, then they are openly stating that they support the human trafficking, rape, and other atrocities committed in the business of illegal immigration. Like the plantation owners in the 1800's and the Ku Klux Klan Democrats in the 1950's and 1960's (and strangely enough, the Democrats today), the people who support the continuation of this abhorrent practice want economic and political power over others. Deny it to them.

Force the closure of our southern border. Force the enforcement of our existing laws, as Arizona has done. Force the people coming into our country to be identified, vetted, and cleared before conferring residency. Force them to adopt the language, customs, and allegiance of this country if they wish to become a citizen. Like we used to do...

And, finally, end the entitlements that are destroying this country and which require modern-day slave trading to support. We have already fought one civil war over slavery. Do we really wish to fight another one?



EDIT TO ADD: Teddy Roosevelt on Immigration

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