Monday, May 24, 2010


Two years ago, I began this endeavor. Since that first post, I have gone from no readership at all, to somewhere between 25 and 225 readers every day. I say "somewhere between" because the numbers have not yet stabilized since Charlotte.

The last two years have seen monumental changes occur in the political landscape of this country. The last two years have seen significant growth of what used to be called the Silent Majority, rising up and speaking out against the usurpation of the people's power by the political class in Washington. The last two years have also seen a precipitous drop in America's standing and stature in the world because of the current Administration's policies (including some of the policies carried over from the previous one).

Since beginning this blog, I have encountered many new friends. I have had some interesting debates on the nature of things. Mostly though, I have been able to express myself about the issues and items that are on my mind, without shooting my television or kicking my cats.

I am still married to the same wonderful woman who agreed to share my life journey with me 23 years ago. I am about to have my third child start college. And, I am closer to my goal of being debt-free.

One thing that I have learned over the last two years is this. The American Dream is not what they market to you on the television. The American Dream is not the huge McMansion, 2 Benzes and an HDTV home theater system. It is not anything material at all. Sure, those things are nice. But, they are NOT the essence of what it means to be American.

The American Dream is all about Liberty and Freedom. It is about YOU deciding what is important. It is about YOU deciding how hard you want to work; how much education you want to attain; how big your car is (or if you want one at all). It is about the freedom to make your own choices without some bureaucratic functionary dictating fairness and equality of outcome.

I'll tell you this much. In the last two years, the biggest change for me has been that I discovered Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program. I re-discovered through that program an old truth, a biblical truth.
The Rich rule over the Poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender
Proverbs 22:7
Think about that for a second. When that idea came home to me, I got very intense and intentional about becoming debt free. Why? Because being in debt limits my freedom to move, my ability to act, and my freedom to make other economic choices like employment type and location, or saving and investing, or charitable donations. When the money is mine, I get to decide when and how I spend it. My choice, not theirs.

With all of the hate and discontent being directed at the Banksters, and with the economy in trouble because "the housing bubble burst" nobody has pointed out the obvious. The borrowers were enslaved, with the encouragement and complicity of the US Government, so that the banksters and their paid-for servants in congress could bleed the people dry. An enslaved populace is easier to control. An enslaved populace is easier to manipulate. An enslaved populace is easier to keep enslaved, because they are dependent upon the government for their continued existence.

Think about the most recent stimulus attempts. Cash for Clunkers, the First-time Home-buyer's Credit, Green Improvements, and the like. All of these initiatives required the government to give away other people's money and usually involved the recipient to ALSO take out a loan to a bank to complete the transaction. This is wrong. The government should be encouraging savings and self-sufficiency. They won't because it diminishes the entrenchment of their power. Think about that one too.

In America today, we need to reawaken the people about the old values and the old truths. Stay out of debt. Keep a balanced budget at home. Live within your means. Save up for things instead of borrowing to purchase now. Use CASH instead of credit.

We also need to rediscover that our Nation was founded on moral principles, and our nation's charter - the Constitution - is designed as a framework to limit the government. We, the people, need to quit looking to Washington to solve our problems. We, the people, need to tell Washington to shut up and sit down when they offer their pablums and panaceas. They have exceeded their authority to act and need to be reigned in. NOW.

Two years ago, I started this blog so I could get my thoughts down on paper. I wanted something for my kids to read and understand, without the heated emotion of this moment's issues overwhelming the underlying message. In that, I hope I have succeeded. But, only time will tell. I also started this blog to share things about life and love and good food and good friends and other things that are fun or important to me. I thank you all for sharing this adventure with me. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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Alan said...

Happy Blogiversery!

+1 on the debt free too.

CalvinsMom said...

Well said!

Christina LMT said...

Congratulations, Newbius!

My goal is also to be debt-free, but I do have quite a way to go, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Very well put indeed. I have a co-worker who listens to Dave Ramsey with religious fervor, and while his voice has come to grate on me from over-exposure I will give he credit for good advice. Being debt-free is my next goal, and it will be good. I think I'll refrain from shouting about it though..


Old NFO said...

And I'm proud to call you a friend... Keep posting and hanging on!

Tam said...

The American Dream is about Get Off My Lawn!