Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog One - Introduction

This is the weblog of my rants, ramblings, and observations relating to life, politics, parenting, cooking, loving, and any other thing that strikes my fancy. It is intended to be the collected thoughts of a middle-aged, middle American father trying to get through life in a country that has lost its way.

Do not expect anything profound here. Anything profound you do find here is likely to be shamelessly stolen from people much more intelligent than I, with appropriate credit given where due.

I consider myself a conservative Libertarian (and NO these terms are NOT mutually exclusive) who believes that the US Constitution really does mean what it says. And, that the world would be a much better place if the radical LEFT and the radical RIGHT would both moderate their tones and listen to each other once in a while. I am the father of three wonderful and intelligent teen-aged kids and have been married to my first and only wife for almostmore than 21 years. I am sure that these facts will disqualify me from having any credibility with some interest groups and I just do not care (really, they can pound sand...). Life is hard enough as it is, we ought to be able to succeed at relationships if nothing else. :)

Anyway, Hi from me. Look forward to posting many more entries as time goes on.


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