Sunday, February 21, 2010

PSH at the Richmond Free Press

The Richmond Free Press is engaging is some PSH over the Virginia General Assembly's attempt at rolling back some gun-control laws. The cat-pan-liner of record for those who wish to receive tawdry, biased, liberal hysteria is engaging in the same tired blood-dancing that accompanies all such efforts at removing restrictions on firearms ownership.

The current cover:

I suppose that the editors believe that disarming the populace will result in reduced crime, even though it has been tried lots of places, and has failed everywhere. I suppose that the publisher does not understand that gun control has racist roots and is directed at the demographics of their core readership. I suppose that the writers think it is OK to demagogue the legislators who are pro-freedom, even if THEIR favorite legislators are not. I mean, after all, it isn't as if the editors, writers, and publisher are at risk...right? Because they are liberals who care about their readers, so they are immune from danger...right?

< sigh >

Their Mission Statement states, in part:
"The Free Press places a high value on quality and is guided by a commitment to the eternal principles of truth, integrity, robust debate and justice."

If this is truly the case, then they should be championing the efforts of the Virginia General Assembly to empower the citizens by easing restrictions on the most effective means of self-defense available. They should be researching the history of Gun Control, and shouting from the rooftops that the current laws were designed primarily to impact minorities and that removing these restrictions empowers minorities. They should be telling the truth that more guns equals lower crime, as shown by John Lott and Gary Kleck.

They should, but they won't.

How about it, Mr. Boone? Care to take the really bold step to augment your history page by being the first liberal publisher of color to actually champion freedom, empower individuals, and remove the fear of crime victimization from your readership?

Or, would you rather continue to be a vassal serf, licking the hands of the legislators in Richmond whose agenda keeps minorities down while allowing them to pretend that they really care?

I am guessing the latter.



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Old NFO said...

Yep, the term boot licker comes to mind... sigh...