Saturday, December 5, 2009

NoVa Blogmeet recap

The theme today was "Semper Gumby".

The day dawned cloudy with snow in the forecast. A couple of us were planning to hit the range around lunch time. Me, so that I could test-fire my rifles and ensure that they were working properly. OldNFO, and Orangeneck, just because shooting is fun.

Our original plan was to head to FXRGC (an outdoor range) to do the shooting and maybe take a few pictures. On the way to the range however, NFO called me to let me know that it had closed early due to the weather. So...we changed plans.

Rather than scrub the shooting session, we agreed to go to Fairfax and hit the mother hive instead. NRA Headquarters. We had a leisurely stroll through the excellent National Firearms Museum (free entry!), then to their 50 yard indoor range. The museum is a must-see if you like guns and are ever in the northern Virginia area. The range is also very nice and is run by true professionals.

Although we encountered a bit of traffic on the way to the restaurant, and I missed my turn in the snow in the dark, we got to Sweetwater Tavern just a little behind schedule. Waiting there already was New Jovian Thunderbolt, and reader "Stretch". (Sorry we were a little late, guys.) We had outstanding micro-brewed beer (but maybe not as good as the legendary Atomic Ale), wonderful food, and good conversation. Waitress Corey was entertaining and she kept us fed and watered, even traded jokes with us. "There were these 2 blondes..." :D

JayG and FarmGirl joined us briefly by phone, but we decided not to call Breda while she was at work. Maybe next time. :) Orangeneck gets the prize for traveling furthest to attend, coming down from New York. Your prize is coming in the mail. :)

Thank you to T-Bolt for the gift. I promise to save them for the Zombie Horde Invasion.

I plan on doing this again after the holidays. I am looking forward to the next one. Hope to meet up with the rest of you soon.




Jay G said...

Thanks for the call, Newbius; it was an unexpected delight!

Glad I could "be" there, albeit only telephonically.

Turk Turon said...

Sorry I had to miss it. Next time!

Old NFO said...

It was a small group, but a good day, even with the snow and missed turns! I always like meeting other bloggers, and yet again they turned out to be as nice in person as on their blogs (or comments)...

Mike W. said...

Geez, I didn't go because I didn't want to drive from DE, yet Orangeneck drove from NY. That makes me look bad.