Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Denying reality

Tonight, our Enlightened Dear Leader, The Won, The Light-bringer Himself plans to appear before his adoring subjects on a national telecast. He intends to inform us that our situation is grim, but that it could be worse. After all, he has "Saved" millions of jobs through his enlightened actions in interposing the Leviathan between the citizens and the evil corporations which employ them.

Then he will tell us that we must plunder the productive among us, in order to provide for the unproductive the ability to continue in sloth and lethargy. Because it is our duty to them.

Finally, he will implore us to act against rational self-interest and support the Leviathan takeover of Health Care and Carbon-producing activities. For the betterment of the world...and then he will go collect his Cracker Jack award for his non-action in promising to bring peace to the world by destroying the very gatekeeper of peace itself, our country.

The world will feel better when it is enslaved to the despots who wish us gone, our lamp of Liberty extinguished, our shores just another dreary destination on the road to serfdom.

Are they kidding?


The enemy is inside the gates, inside the very halls of our revered institutions. They have perverted reality and are telling us that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. They have perverted the concept of war to one where we use force to mold societies to liking us more. They have ensured that our system of taxation benefits only a very select few, and that the rest of us are shackled to a debt our grandchildren can never hope to repay, to countries whose interests are not our own. They have fundamentally altered the meaning of education to ensure that our highly sexualized college graduates are barely competent enough to become consumers and clerks, and are dependent upon Leviathan for everything else.

And we let them do it to us, because we have allowed them to take over the roles of our educators, bankers, communicators, manufacturers, and parents. Shame on us. When this house of cards collapses, they will then take on the role of jailer over anybody who dissents or resists. Their policies are not about improving anything. They are about usurping power and control over you and your actions.

There are reports out on the fringes of the tinfoil hat crowd that Dear Reader is mobilizing troops and redeploying them under USNORTHCOM. In anticipation of civil unrest scheduled (yes, scheduled) to occur early next year when the collapse of the dollar is announced. In so doing, the theory goes, the Republic will be saved from civil war because of overwhelming force deployed on the part of Government against its own people. Oh, and coincidentally, the declaration of Martial Law will suspend the 2010 elections, ensuring that the current Mandarins in Babylon-by-the-Potomac will remain in their seats of power.

Is this what you want?

If not, what are you going to do about it?




Old NFO said...

Buy more ammo...

Anonymous said...

If we don't send them anymore money, they will not have resources to continue the destruction of our way of life!

How about all conservatives just increase their monthly exemptions so NO Funds are withheld by employer and sent to the Gov't each quarter. Then file an extension in 2010 so you don't have to send in your return until sometime between Aug. - Oct. 2010.

If millions of Americans would participate in this LEGAL protest, I do think it would get their attention AND the fact is, they do NOT have the resources to round up and prosecute multiple millions of Americans. They will be forced to offer some kind of Amnesty Plan for folks to "catch up" on their taxes etc.

In the meantime, we weild some power in negotiating with them and getting them to pay attention to what WE THE PEOPLE WANT.

Thanks for your consideration and participation.

Newbius said...

Negotiation presumes that their position would be acceptable if a compromise could be reached. Negotiation is how we got here. It is a losing proposition from a Liberty standpoint.

I would rather begin with the premise that my rights are non-negotiable, and demand that they dismantle the engines of destruction currently loosed upon a once-free populace.