Monday, September 21, 2009

Augmenting the "Must-have" list

I have decided that I need 2 more guns.

No, really.

I need a reliable rifle in .22LR, maybe a 10/22 (my current likely candidate) or something similar.

I also need a handgun in something other than .45ACP. (I know, I know...heresy!) Seriously, though. From a tactical standpoint, in a SHTF situation, having something in another caliber allows scrounging potential (or trading potential) to expand your sufficiency and ability to defend.

For the handgun, I REALLY like the xD-M in 9mm. (Go ahead, try and talk me into something different!)

I am hoping for more input on the rifle though. This is intended to be a squirrel and rabbit gun, or for situations where a .223 or .308 is overkill.

Any suggestions? The comment box is now open.




Mike W. said...

I'd go with a .22 rifle, it's one of the most common types of ammunition available, so it's perfect for scrounging if you need to abandon your arsenal. Same with a 9mm.

Also, I would like to suggest a shotgun as well, and not one of the antiquated ones you have either.

Old NFO said...

10/22 is it... you can spend as little or as much as you'd like... for a 9mm, Glock either 17, 19 or 26 depending on what/how you'd want to carry.

GunGeek said...

There are a couple of options for someone that wants to be able to take advantage of the availability of other ammo.

The Glock guns can take aftermarket conversion barrels for just over a hundred bucks each. I've got a 9mm barrel for my 27 (normally 40S&W) and it works great. You really do need to use the proper caliber magazine when you switch barrels in order to get good feeding.

The Sig 229 can do the same thing, but I think that the conversions are a little pricier. However, it will also let you buy a 22LR model and still put the larger centerfire conversions onto it. Cheap practice ammo.

Diogenes said...

Heres a thought that many overlook. I have several rifles and I use a Beeman R-1 as my squirrel and rabbit gun. Using the Predator pellets in it I have taken Ground hogs with one shot out to 50yards. You can carry 250 rounds for the Beeman in the same space you can carry 30 rounds of .22LR. The other nice feature is, this is a gun you can practice with in your back yard without ticking off the neighbors.
Side note. 9mm and .45 are going to be the most common rounds when SHTF with .40 and .357 coming in a close third. Anything in these calibers would do you well in a defensive situation. Your call in how reliable you want the pistol and how readily available parts are. (Glocks and XD's seem prevalant right now.) You may even consider the Wheel gun factor for reliability(my personal preference is Semiauto with hi cap Mag)