Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party tomorrow

Description from the Facebook page:
The Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party is happening in over 400 cities - April 15th is quickly approaching and momentum is growing QUICKLY!

Please join the group and invite all of your friends, family, and colleagues to be a part of this nationwide movement!

We will be beginning at Lafayette Plaza at 11am with the "Grassroots" stage and 12pm at the US Treasury Department for the National Stage

Lafayette Park - Grassroots Stage - 11am - 3pm
Speakers, music, open microphone for public to voice their concerns

US Treasury - Tax Day Tea Party National Stage - 12pm - 2pm
National Stage on Fiscal Irresponsibility

If you would like to volunteer in making this Tea Party even bigger and better than the last, please send an
email to dctaxdaydayteaparty@gmail.com with how you can help in this coordinated effort!

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and having our voices heard!

Closest Metro Stops:
Federal Triangle (blue and orange lines), Metro Center (blue, orange, and red lines) and McPherson Square (blue and orange lines).\

press inquiries-contact:
Rebecca Wales

For a list of the National Tax Day Tea Parties across the Country, go to: http://www.officialtaxdayteaparty.com/

While I am in the neighborhood, I think I will drop a few business cards off at The Brady Campaign/Handgun Control, Inc. headquarters. They are only 4 blocks away at 1225 I Street NW, Suite 1100. Maybe my pleasant demeanor will cause them to think more amiably towards me...

(OK, you can all stop laughing now!)





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