Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interesting Times

The Washington Times, that is. Front and Center on Drudge is a link to this posting by The Washington Times.

Synopsis: Scary "right wing" citizens who want to be left alone are going to be targeted by this administration.

Now, I was never a big fan of Bush43. I believe that a lot of what he did infringed on our Rights. Even so, you didn't see many headlines proclaiming angst about "Left-Wing Terrorists" on his watch. Lots of sympathy for poor-misunderstood Islamo-fascists, yes, but not a lot of crying about attacks on Williams Ayers and his ilk.

For the proven Domestic Terrorist like Ayers, life was pretty rosy. No targeting of him either. He even got to launch BHO at us from his living room.

BHO's approach? Silence those who disagree with you.

Can preventative arrests for pre-cognitive crimes be next? We already have ex-post facto laws and bills of attainder laws working for the Treasury Department (AIG, et.al.). Why not excercise a little more infringement? So far, nobody is stopping them.

Be careful out there.




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