Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RINO changes his stripes

Washington, D.C.

Today, in a bid to repudiate his failing support among Republicans, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania announces he is switching parties. The switch will lay to rest the claims of conservatives that Specter was always a Democrat, by confirming them once and for all publicly.

Senator Specter's official change to the Democrat Party will finally give them a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Said majority being coveted by the Democrats since the dawn of time 2006 when they reclaimed control of Congress. Rumors that the Maine Senators, Snowe and Collins, will be changing parties have been unconfirmed.

Conservative Republicans hailed the change today as "refreshing", noting that Specter's continued existence in the Republican party has caused divisions between those who valued party loyalty and those who valued conservative principles. With this division now removed by the Senator's action today, true conservatives are lining up to fill the void. Look for another senatorial bid by Santorum and others, as the primary battle heats up for this seat.

A party insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed that this move today was a firm blow for truth-in-advertising laws in politics. However, given Senator Specter's propensity for waffling on even the smallest issues of principle, this writer expects to see very little change in the Senate this legislative term.

In other news, another Chicago-area politician pled guilty today to corruption and racketeering charges...

No right-wing activists were harmed in the production of the above post. The only victim so far appears to be the Constitution, whose imminent death has been predicted for the preceding 14 weeks and whose condition grows graver by the day.

Lest any of my readers think that I am opposed to the move by Specter today, let me dissuade you. I think that Honesty is such a rare thing in politicians today that when one displays such, it is a cause for celebration. With Specter out of the way in PA, the Republican party no longer has any excuse not to support the true conservatives who WILL run for the seat. They have too long supported the "devil we know", who has been happily subverting the party for over 20 years. No more.



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