Friday, February 27, 2009

A little Crow, extra sauce...

Well, I made a mistake. I apologize to all of you left-leaning sympathizers. I got it wrong.

Obama is NOT a Socialist. There. I said it. I even agree with you.

The Democrats are not Socialists. Yep. I said that one too. I really mean it, too.

You see, Socialism (a milder form of just like Communism) requires that the State own the property, and then assigns the beneficial interest to whomever it pleases. This is not a description of what is happening today. It is not at all like what we are experiencing at the hands of our government. Well, maybe in the case of the banks and other companies that the government took (partial) ownership of...but just those cases. Otherwise, not the general situation in the country today.


The situation we are in right now is one where private individuals and corporations get to retain ownership, and the State tells them how much of the benefit they will get to enjoy (if any).

This is definitely NOT Socialism.

This is Fascism.



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