Thursday, November 17, 2011

24 Hour notice

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (Moron, TX) had an amendment to HR822 which would have required gun owners to notify the state police at their destination (and at all states in-between) that they were arriving with their firearm.


I wonder how that same thought pattern would apply to people who wished to exercise their right to assemble, speak, or worship in a neighboring state?

Should we make citizens call ahead to exercise their 4th, or 5th Amendment rights?

I wonder if we should apply this same requirement to the 13th Amendment? Maybe Rep. Jackson-Lee should be required to call ahead to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or North Carolina if she intended to present herself there? Shouldn't she prove that she is a "Freedman"? How do I know that she is not a slave?

Should we require a person to call ahead when they wish to exercise their 18th Amendment rights to a cocktail in a neighboring state? After all, alcohol-related car accidents claim more lives annually than all gun-related deaths (criminal or otherwise) in the USA combined. Think of the Children!

How about we require Ms. Jackson Lee to call ahead to see if she can exercise her right to vote, being a woman and all. Or, is the 19th Amendment applicable to ALL STATES just like the 14th is?

The Constitution and Bill of Rights is an All or Nothing proposition. Don't cry "Equality" and "Women's Rights" over abortion (and claim federal superiority) on the one hand, then hide behind "State's Rights" on the other. (Notwithstanding that the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an Enumerated Individual Civil Right, and Abortion is merely inferred under the 9th.)

We fought a war over the ability of individual states to infringe on fundamental rights for certain individuals. I would think that, as a Black Woman living in the South, she would appreciate this fact. It doesn't really sound like it though. It really sounds like she enjoys being a shill for the Democratic Party Plantation when it comes to some rights for some citizens. Kind of like JIM CROW.

Shame on her.



Bubblehead Les. said...

You're correct of course, but here's a little Story about Congress Critter Lee you might find amusing, and it helps explain why she's one of the Dumber Pols on the Hill.

A few years ago, Nasa Houston invited her down to see one of the Mars Rovers do its thing upon its arrival. When it started moving, Lee turned to one of the Nasa Staffers and asked, "Can you drive it over to the Flag?" What Flag, the Nasa Guy asked? "You know, the one they put up when we LANDED ON THE MOON."

She is one of the Main Reasons that the Founding Fathers, IMHO, screwed up when they didn't put in TERM LIMITS back at the Constitutional Convention.

But she keeps getting Re-elected over and over and over......

Old NFO said...

I'm truly not surprised by anything she does, which is truly sad...

theotherjimmyolson said...

Agreed, stupid legislator, stupid law.