Thursday, September 15, 2011

QOTD-Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (D-CA)

As reported in the Sacramento Bee (threatening vetoes):
"...You've given me 600 bills, and there's not 600 problems that we need those solutions for."
I am no fan of Jerry Brown. I despised him during his last stint in the Governor's chair. The Rose Byrd court that he foisted upon California was a disaster that is still having effects 30 years later. Yet, he seems to have matured a little. Perhaps some wisdom comes with age after all.

I quote the above for the truth that it represents. Not every human problem requires a new law to address (paraphrasing something else that Jerry Brown stated recently). It is time to take Jerry Brown's example, and apply it to our national legislature. Instead of constantly asking Congress for new laws, perhaps we should be mailing Sharpie pens to them instead. Let them redact whole sections of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. It would be a good start.



Bubblehead Les. said...

Saw a news article earlier this week that the Obama Admin has added so many more Rules and Regs in 3 years that the size of the Federal Register has doubled since Bush left. I thought the Hippies didn't like Big Government.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Heh. I was absolutely no fan of the idea of Moonbeam back for another round of idiocy - but it sounds like he might have grown something of a brain. Well, Chris Christie would be a disaster for a national president, but he's exactly what New Jersey needs right now. Maybe Moonbeam can do his atonement for his last term by being what California needs right now?

We can hope, anyway. After all, even Churchill was a liberal when he started out - there's hope for all men.

Old NFO said...

Nah, he's STILL a scumbag...

theotherjimmyolson said...

Ya, let's start with the child labor laws, and the ones specifying how much rat shit we allow in our foods. How about bringing back DDT. Who needs those pesky eagles anyway