Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nothing Crazy Yesterday

So, today, I point and laugh.


Let's get serious for a second.  I didn't link to the stories yesterday that were the source of my post.  Not because I didn't find them plausible (because in most things, there is some truth), but because I found enough plausibility in them to do some research of my own.  We are admonished to do our own research, even the Bible tells us to do so (Acts 17:11). 

False-flag operations are used by the opposition to detect the state of our readiness.  They are also used to discredit our responses, and successful ones are used as jumping-off points for live ops against us.  Be cautious in your actions, and test all things to determine the truth for yourself.

There is a war coming.  The battle lines are being drawn as we speak.  Ayn Rand and George Orwell were prescient.  Until and unless we the citizens resolve to stand fast against the serial theft of our Liberty and our Wealth, "they" will succeed.  Their actions to-date come from malice, not incompetency.  It is not lack of understanding about the mechanisms of economics, rather it is a complete understanding of the sources of power. 

I leave it to the readers to define for themselves whom "they" are.  Understand this, however: "they" are playing for real and for keeps.  Are you?


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