Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you want a balanced budget?

No need to pass a Constitutional Amendment. Nope. If you want to get a balance budget here is what you ask your congresscritter to do:


Do nothing. We are at our statutory debt limit. NOTHING MORE can be borrowed. No more deficits can be run up. On August 3rd, the government will have to live within its means. It can NOT borrow more money.

Some hard choices need to be made, as the Free Stuff Army will still want their ice cream, skittles, and unicorn farts. The rest of us can breathe a little easier, because there is NO CRISIS. There is only the requirement that we spend only what revenue that we take in, and no more.

If TurboTaxTimmy chooses to default on the debt, then it will be a deliberate act of Treason, not the rational response to forced budgetary austerity due to statutory limits.

Keep an eye peeled. A crisis is what they want. They want you to scream "DO SOMETHING" that they can. Call them up and tell them to DO NOTHING. It is the best hope for our future.



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Anonymous said...

Let's start by canceling the $900 billion dollar program to win the "hearts and minds" of our foes by GIVING them money to restore Mosques over seas.