Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crossbreed Supertuck

In January of this year, I purchased* a Crossbreed Supertuck in horse hide for my XDm-45. The fit is very comfortable due to the generous amount of leather, and the retention is good. I wear the holster at the "4:00" position just behind my right hip, and it conceals very well.

When I stopped into the Crossbreed Holsters booth Friday afternoon to thank them for my holster, I was asked to show it to the crowd of people there, because there was disbelief about the ability to cover a full-sized gun. (I am not a "booth-babe"-too fat and not enough leg-but I got to model it for them, go figure.) Many people were surprised at how well the holster forms to the body and positions the gun for concealment.

Later that Friday night, we were invited to the Crimson Trace party at the Tilted Kilt restaurant (see JayG's post), where they apparently have a policy of disallowing firearms. I say "apparently" because they stopped each of the people openly-carrying and requested that they disarm and store either in the restaurant safe, or their vehicles. ZerCool and I arrived together. He, open-carrying his 1911. Me, conceal-carrying my XDm-45 under a tucked-in T-shirt. They asked him to disarm and looked VERY closely at my waist, but let me pass without question.

Read that again. They looked closely, and let me pass because they could not see my double-column full-sized .45 under a tucked-in t-shirt. I was not wearing a billowing t-shirt. I was not wearing a jacket, or sweater, or any other cover garment. I was wearing a regular t-shirt, tucked in all the way around and over the gun. I was not asked to disarm, as they could not determine that I was armed. You cannot ask for better performance than that.

Front, Back, Side, and exposed views:
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From Blogger Photos
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From Blogger Photos

Thank you again to Crossbreed Holsters for making my Supertuck. I am very pleased with it and recommend it wholeheartedly as a satisfied customer. If you are in the market for a reasonably-priced Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster that is 'tuckable', give them a look.



P.S. The belt is from The Holster Site (a gift from my mom-in-law) and supports everything very well. If you need a good carry belt, give Mike a call.

*FTC Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this product, and am a happy customer. If it had sucked, I would report that instead. It most definitely does NOT suck.


Sdv1949 said...

SuperTucks Rule!! My every day carry is a 5" 1911 and nobody knows it's there.

Bob S. said...

I carry my Taurus Mil-Pro PT145 in a SuperTuck and it is as easily concealed as your XDm.

I will probably be getting another one from them for my Sig-Sauer SP2022.

Do you have the combat cut on yours?
If so, does the grip or end of the slide dig in?

Newbius said...

No Combat Cut. I never feel the sights or the slide. If I have the gun positioned incorrectly, then the grip might dig a little. But, this just tells me that I put it on wrong, as it normally does not dig when placed correctly.

Mike W. said...

Just shows you how much easier it is to conceal IWB when you're heavier.

I use Comp-Tac MTAC's and while they conceal quite welll they certainly don't make the gun disappear.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah I'll vouch for that. Your gun is BIG, and after we ate at the steakhouse I noticed you pulled your polo over your holster. I really had to squint to see the gun. Conceals VERY well!

Wendell E. said...

Excellent advice. Angela liked the photos, I did too. Going to get one of these.