Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Percent Bitch

I started to leave a comment at Sipsey Street Irregulars, but it hit post-length so I am doing it here instead.

Regarding THIS POST:

Mike, this is not directed at you. It is directed at those 3%ers who just piss and moan about the NRA. You whiners, this is for you:

The vitriol we send the NRA's way may be justified. No argument there. Yet, they *are* the 800-pound gorilla that the Congress fears.

Rather than us 3%ers continuing to bitch and whine and complain about them, why don't we do something about them instead?

When my local church began to stray from the Message and secularize, in an attempt to appeal to the masses, I did not change churches. Instead, I changed MY church.

The NRA purports to represent 4 million gun owners. Because those gun owners are usually politically active, Congress bends to the NRA's will. This is a fact.

With the above as a given, what if we change the NRA instead of constantly whining about them? If the 3% number is true (and I have no logical reason to doubt it), then there are approximately (3% of 300,000,000 people) 9 million patriots who would take a stand, and a lot of them (most of them?) are not NRA members.

Say what you will about the NRA. I am not defending them. What I am advocating is this: instead of pissing and moaning about them, co-opt them. Take them over from within. They are an organization which elects their board. Every member gets a vote. Engage them inside their own system and bend them to our will.

Get involved.

We have too damned many whiny 'patriots' complaining about shit, that they are doing nothing about inside the current systems (where the risk/reward ratios are still sane). People would rather complain and be keyboard cowboys about the excesses of our elected criminal class. I am getting tired of reading the vacuous, back-handed swipes about the people who are actually in the trenches daily (yes, including the NRA).

You 3%ers who have given up on the system, keep stockpiling bullets and beans. At this point you are all talk. I know how hard it is to engage Congress, as I have been actively working *my* congressman about Gunwalker and lots of other things. I am active. Are you?

What Mike and David Codrea did is nothing short of amazing, given that they had ZERO support initially from the NRA. Yes, the NRA joined late. The fact is, they DID join. Did it help? Only time will tell. We, however, have to quit the sniping and backbiting and eating our young that we do so effing well. We need to make the institutional dinosaurs into *our* dinosaurs.

I am past being tired about this situation. So, here is my challenge to you 3%ers:

Get active, or shut the hell up.

You have a problem with the NRA? Join up and get active, or shut the hell up. You think GOA is not paying enough attention to your pet issue? Join them, get active, or shut the hell up. You think the SAF should be litigating against your petty infringement? Join them, get active, or shut the hell up.

I hope this is pissing you off. I hope that you take a good hard look at the man in the mirror and ask that guy "What have you done *TODAY* to advance the cause of Liberty?" Because if the answer is "nothing", then I have no time for you.

Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way.



David Codrea said...

I have been trying to get people to do exactly what you recommend for years--even developed a tool to do it--the NRA BoD Questionnaire--a way to determine which candidate is worth supporting from a "no compromise" perspective. Problem is, nobody picked up and used the tool.

It's what I call "Profiles in Apathy."

Gun owner inaction and expecting someone else will do it is a bigger enemy than flat-out antis.

Jimmy2Times said...

Ahhh, another NRA apologist. Yawn.

Maybe I'll vote democrat in the next election. I'm sure they have my best interests in mind too.

Newbius said...

Ahhh, another Keyboard Commando who has failed basic reading comprehension. Yawn.

Maybe I'll go and re-read Patriots before the next election. I am sure that the isolationist mindset will help me get through the upcoming civil war.

At least you're smart enough to recognize when someone is talking to you...

Matt said...

Well said>