Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What are YOU doing on Memorial Day?

I am pretty sure I am going to be in Knoxville. LuckyGunner.com is sponsoring a blogshoot, and will be providing the ammo, guns, and FUN. Oh, did I mention that they were FULL-AUTO fun guns? Yeah. Like I said. FUN.

Plus, Tam is going to be there, and maybe JayG, and possibly RobbAllen...so you know that the snark will be going as rapid-fire as the machine guns. :)

Count me IN.



DaddyBear said...

Me too! I registered as soon as I noticed it last night.

Alan said...

I'm thinking of going but the prospect of $5/gallon gas makes me cringe.

Jay G said...

I wish I were going, but the Mrs. is scheduled to work. Holiday weekends are nigh unto impossible to get out of working, too.