Monday, February 7, 2011

Protecting Life

(No, not abortion this time.)

I have heard many anti-gun-rights activists use the phrase "I just don't believe that it is worth killing someone for the cash on my pocket", or some similar sentiment.

The logic failure in the above sentence is this: That bargain has already been made by the person robbing you. To them, your life is immaterial. The contents of your pockets are only gain to them. The surest way to eliminate the risk of being caught is to eliminate the (probably only) witness to the crime, namely you.

Now, with this in mind, the bargain becomes instead: "Is your life worth your life?"

I do not believe that the cash in my pocket is worth killing for, but my life surely is. As are the lives of my family and friends. We have let the criminals and the politicians (but I repeat myself) frame the debate for far too long. It is time to get back to basic principles, and expose the true message to those who are being misled. Gun control is not about the guns. It is about the control, specifically of YOU the law-abiding person, not the criminal.

I choose to protect my life. I choose the most effective tool to do it with. The politicians may be dancing with the devil, but the patriot still remembers the tune. Guard your life and guard your liberty. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.




wizardpc said...

Yeah I'm not the one in that situation that decided stuff > life.

The criminal decides to risk his life for some of my stuff, and the cards don't play his way. Not my fault he has a failure in the victim selection process.

Two people I knew in high school were murdered after giving the robber everything he wanted. I will never let that happen to me without a serious fight.

Old NFO said...

Sing it Brother!!! :-)

Nancy R. said...

Beautifully put.

One thing I've learned during my time on this planet is that you can not have a rational discussion with an irrational person. If you threaten me, I will conclude that you are NOT rational, and will respond accordingly. End of discussion.

Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

Bad Guy: "Your money, or your life!"

Good Guy: "Okay, okay!" (pulls his own gun) *BANG BANG*

Bad Guy: (Now is buzzard bait.)

Good Guy's girlfriend: "You shot him over POCKET CHANGE???"

Good Guy: "No, I shot him because he threatened my LIFE over pocket change."

Mike W. said...

I'm with Nancy - Responding rationally to someone who has decided to use lethal force in their initial interaction with you is a recipe for disaster.

Don't want to get shot? Then don't try to take what's mine by force.