Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona Shooting

My prayers go out to the many victims in Tucson, and to their families.

Let's hope that the response to this tragedy is reasoned and measured in proportion to the actual crime, and not used as an excuse to impose additional curtailments on our civil rights.

Arizona Congresswoman Giffords was a Second Amendment proponent and a popular representative of her district. At this point, nobody is sure why she was targeted, and the 'right-here, right-now' nature of our 24-hour news cycle has put erroneous reporting out there more than once in the last few hours. Being first with inaccurate news is only harming the situation. Shame on you cable news guys, including Fox, for your shoddy reporting while trying to be first to put something out.

More as this unfolds, while waiting for the blood dancing to commence from the "anti's"...



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