Monday, November 15, 2010

TSA USAToday-Gallup MiniTrue poll

According to the USA Today / Gallup poll, "Most are OK with the full-body scanners." Supposedly, 78% approve. The sample size? 542 adults, with no disclosure on how many of them actually worked for the TSA.

I ask, because according to a Reuters poll, 96% of people are against the use of these machines and the new pat-down techniques and will change their travel plans accordingly.

The sample size? 68,706, including me.


Newbius said...

Of course, with a sample size this large, the margin of error is probably +/- 15%... :eyeroll:

Mike W. said...

And of course the USA today poll is at the top of the TSA website (that's where I found it)

Old NFO said...

Sigh... it's ALL BS!

Unknown said...

MORONS! The Reuters poll was unscientific, meaning anyone can vote as many times as they want (I voted 7 times in the poll). The USA Today/Gallup poll was taken using scientific quotas. Do a simple google search and you can find at least three other polls taken in the past year that found 75-80% of respondents do not mind the additional screening.

Newbius said...

@Daniel: Unscientific, yes. However, unless you clear your cookies every time you visit the page, it will not allow you to vote more than once. Couple this with the fact that Instapundit linked to it, and the number of people who voted more than once is likely a very small percentage of the total tally. Just because we don't comport with your view of how the world should work, doesn't make us morons.

'Scientific' polls can be skewed. It depends heavily on the way that the question is phrased, the sample demographic, and the TIMING of the poll, among other factors. Also, the way that answers get reported does not always correlate with the actual answer given. Surely you have heard of the polling firm the Daily Kos used, until it was discovered that they were fudging the numbers. We all know that the 'generic ballot' poll means little when time comes to do actual balloting.

Get off your high horse. Your first and only comment here so far has violated 3 of my 4 sandbox rules. Shitting all over my comments section here will not change the fact that the flying public objects. It seems that the general public doesn't want to star in amateur porn films produced by mouth-breathers using color of law and a shiny tin badge to enforce submission. That, or getting felt up by the guy who failed personal hygiene in middle school health class and couldn't get a job as a night watchman, so TSA hired him instead.

I stand by my post. Given the sample size, and given the CURRENT backlash against these machines now that the truth is coming out about them, the 'TSA Today' poll is about as accurate today as MSNBC is unbiased. Meaning, not very.