Friday, November 5, 2010

Connecticut Gun Rights

Received an email from Rich Burgess.  Here it is in its entirety:

My name is Rich Burgess. I am part of some of the 'gun rights movement' here in Connecticut.

I think many people have given up on us considering our neighbors, but we have an active gun community here. I am currently working on issues with regards to Open Carry, and we have people working on our permitting process and other things that are currently being abused here.

Recently a local paper has picked up on this and gave a pretty good and fair article (for journalists in traditional media). I thought you might like to share this with your readers. It certainly is a good primer about what is going on here and we could use whatever help and/or attention we can get.

These are actually all the same article, but are distributed all over the state and they have different and separate comment systems:

If you find yourself interested in any of the incidents listed in the article, I would be happy to get you whatever info you need. 

Thank you,
Rich Burgess
Ph: 203.208.9577

Please jump into the fray and support our rights.



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TJP said...

Good man. We're going to have to be vocal, because both Malloy and Jepsen are strong believers in forcible disarmament. I look into my crystal ball and see waves of burning money passing over the irrelevancy horizon as Hartford collapses into an economic singularity from which no useful, productive work can escape.