Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Thoughts, People of the Gun

What really happens during a blogmeet or blogshoot?

Think about this, if you have attended one (or even if you have not).

We are a people, defined by a love of an object which, in itself, defines personal freedom and responsibility. We will, on very short notice, drive hundreds of miles to be with other people of our kind. Who, on little to no notice, are willing to extend the bounds of hospitality to us, and welcome us into their lives and homes as family.

Little introduction is necessary if you are a Person of the Gun...If you are friends of the People of the Gun. Usually, that is enough.

This past weekend, I met some amazing people. I reunited with some friends, put faces to the names of people that I have been speaking to daily for months, and got introduced to friends of friends. The only common bond between us is our love of firearms. We are all from different backgrounds, and lifestyles, and cultures. Yet, we are all bound through the love of this thing to also be brothers and sisters of a very tight family.

I think that the "anti" crowd completely fails to understand this.

We, who are diverse, are united by objects which symbolize Freedom, Liberty, and the essence of the American Ideal. We are giving, loving, sharing people who revel in indulging our newly-discovered compatriots by giving them our stuff to enjoy. Seriously. This past weekend, people whom I had only recently met face to face were offering to me the chance to shoot their guns and ammunition to my heart's content. For nothing but the joy of seeing the smile on my face when I finished. Cost be damned (and the cost can be considerable).

I loved offering my handguns and rifles to my new friends and encouraging them to shoot, and experience the joy that is a fine piece of equipment functioning properly and giving pleasure in a task completed well.

Think about this. We, who are advocates for Liberty, enjoy spreading the joy of shooting to others. In hopes that they would also derive the same joy that we feel. In hopes that they would celebrate a truly American past-time: Shooting, for pleasure.

This past weekend, I had an amazing time with amazing people. Heath and Amanda, Les, Marty, Chris, Adam, Jay, Miss B, Destiny, Van, Chuck, Jack, Mike, David, and everybody else who attended. You people are truly great. You are the reason why this idea called America will survive. Because, you are celebrants of that gift known as Liberty. And, you are People of the Gun.




Jay G said...

Why do I hear the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" playing softly in the background?

EXCELLENT post Newbius!

Brigid said...

Yes, we are people with pasts and pain and differences. We spar we hurt we strive, but we need to stick together as a group.

Put down the arms, to pick them up as brothers.

Heath said...

Why do I hear the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" playing softly in the background?

Because yer a Damned Yankee :-P

My thoughts exactly, Newbius. The camaraderie of Gunnies is completely worth the drive in most cases. You just don't run into that sort on a regular basis.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not sure it's an American thing, Brother Newbius. Look at how many International Competitors live and train and practice their various Shooting Sports here in the U.S. because their Home Countries have Banned Guns. Or those who came to a Semi-Free State for the Weekend just to shoot firearms that are Banned in their Hometowns. Maybe it's Genetic?

On a Wing and a Whim said...


Given that we are mostly a self-selected country made of people who chose to come here seeking freedom (and their descendants, steeped in that culture), I'd say it's an American thing.

Not solely ours, not like being a citizen of one of our fifty states, but culturally ours, just like our freedom from a state religion and freedom from government control of our property, persons, or our press.


Sounds like you had an awesome time - gunbloggers certainly make for the most interesting and wonderful friends!