Saturday, October 23, 2010

Newbius Party Platform

With all the Hoo-Ha going on about how 'extreme' the Tea Party candidates are, I thought it would be fun to present the foundation of the Newbius Party Platform.  If you think the Tea Partiers are extreme, read on:

Economic Development:
Eliminate Corporate Income Taxes.  Corporations don't pay income taxes, they shift the burden onto their customers and shareholders.  Bring business back to our shores by providing them an economic incentive to base here.

Abolish the Minimum Wage.  Entry-level work is not designed to feed your family.  It is designed to allow entry-level workers and those of low skill to learn a trade and move up.  If you want to reduce unemployment, lower the bar to entry for the chronically underemployed (primarily young people and minorities) and let companies pay what a job is worth.  If the pay is too low, people won't take the job.  Let the market do the job of solving the unemployment problem.

Reduce or Eliminate Unemployment Insurance.  With apologies to my friends on the unemployment rolls...I know that this is a hard one.  When I was unable to work in my preferred field, I moved, and got something to do in order to pay my bills.  2 years of benefits is an unreasonable amount of time to expect the taxpayers to support you for.

Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, The Department of Energy, and the Department of Commerce.  Eliminate the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture.  Yes, this means that programs currently being administered by these agencies will go away, including the ability to regulate CO2, gasoline blends, fertilizer content, and food stamps.  It will also eliminate the inefficient, expensive, and ineffective drug approval programs for pharmaceuticals.  It will eliminate the ability to propagandize about food pyramids, fat contents, menu disclosures, and table salt.  Eat your fricken vegetables with your steak and shut up already.

Eliminate Social Security and Medicare.  Anybody currently receiving benefits would continue to receive them.  No new beneficiaries will be accepted into the program.

Eliminate Government-funded Welfare  Yep.  Charity is not a government function.  The only thing that Welfare has done is destroy true charity in the United States and create a permanent underclass of people for whom welfare is a way of life. This must end.

Once these two things have been accomplished, Eliminate the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Social Security Administration, and eliminate the accompanying taxes that they collect.  It should go without saying that this would include a complete repeal of ObamaCare and Medicare Part D (BushPills).

Foreign and Domestic Policy:
Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan (and any other place where we are playing world policeman).  If we are at war with them, win it.  Kick their asses, break their shit, make their women cry, and make them think twice about ever messing with us.  Then, go home.  If we are there to show the flag, deliver humanitarian aid, nation-build, or generally fuck around with do-gooder crap, pull out.  While we are at it, the same goes for Europe, Korea, and Japan.  If we are there to protect our national interests, fine.  If we are there because we never won the fight and are still in a cease-fire (Korea), then either finish the job, or make the nation we are protecting take on the duty of protecting their own borders.  South Korea is not some backwards banana republic with no economy or ability to defend themselves.  They are an economic powerhouse in the region and should assume the responsibility of border protection.

Withdraw from the United Nations.  Seriously.  These people use our own money to spread hatred of us.  Why should Eritrea, Iran, Lichtenstein, Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. have any say-so over our foreign policy?  The thugs in the Blue Helmets are the perpetrators of a lot of the rapes and ethnic cleansing going on right now in Africa.  And, we want to be a part of this...why?

Seal our borders and enforce immigration policy.  Ever wonder why we have a demand for illegal workers in the US who will work for below minimum wage?  The economic benefits to companies for doing so outweighs the cost to them for penalties and fines.  Fix this imbalance, solve some of the problem.  Deport all illegal immigrants (and their children-they are not 'natural-born citizens' and birthright citizenship is not Constitutional), and prosecute the 'coyotes' who smuggle humans and drugs across our borders.  Until the fence is built, take some of the troops (or National Guard) who are abroad and deploy them along our border with orders to shoot invaders.  Yes, shoot invaders.  Do you deny that we are being invaded from the south?  What would you call it then?  How long would it take for the word to get out that invading the USA is potentially a fatal mistake?  We cannot even begin to be taken seriously until we harden our border policy.  'Catch and Release' enforcement has only gotten us 30 MILLION illegal residents in a country of roughly 300 million.  1 out of 10.  If you think that this is harsh, check out the actual conditions these invaders face, especially the women, when coming across.  Ever heard of a 'rape tree'?

Eliminate the War on (Some) Drugs.  We tried Prohibition once.  It is an utter failure and is predominantly enforced against the minority underclass.  Why are we enriching the Zetas and the other drug cartels in Mexico along with the entire corrupt Mexican political class (and our own)?

Repeal GCA68, NFA34, FOPA86 and abolish the BATFE.  The Second Amendment means what it says and these laws are not Constitutional, and are violations of basic human rights. 

Eliminate all non-military foreign Aid

Remove the moratoriums on the development of our natural resources.

Privatize Federal Lands

Institute a flat income tax.  Everybody pays 10%.  No deductions.  No taxes on savings, investments, or pension income.  These have already been taxed once.  No cap or floor on taxable earnings, and no rate progression.  Earn $100, pay $10.  Earn $1,000,000, pay $100,000.  That sounds like fairness to me.  Oh, eliminate the Capital Gains Tax.  Abolish it entirely.  It is a drag on capital formation and stifles industry.  Abolish the Estate Tax.  Allow the family General Store on the corner to stay in the family, or the farm, or the house in California, or the two toothpicks that Uncle Crazy used all his life.  Get the damned government's grubby, greedy tax agents out of the funeral home.

So, this is the beginnings of the Newbius Party platform.  It is 'extreme', 'crazy', and 'unworkable', if you expect Uncle Sugar to manage your life for you, or to steal for you, or to coddle you from cradle-to-grave.  Our government has a founding charter in our Constitution.  That document defines the limits of Federal power and itemizes the proper functions of the .GOV.  Anything beyond that is the purview of the States, or of the People.  Most people talk about the Federal Budget as if it is impossible to rein in spending; as if 'non-discretionary' spending is truly that.  It isn't.  The bloated budget is an outgrowth of the bloated governments' expansion far beyond the proper role of a capitalist republic.  If you desire to live in a socialist utopia, move to Europe.

Do not attempt to enslave me with your vote.  You won't like the outcome when I, and people like me, decide that we have had enough of the chains.



Ruth said...

you know, I cringed when I read the part about abolishing unemployement insurance, but then I stopped to think about it. The one and only time I was eligable to receive it, it wasn't even enough to pay my rent, much less the rest of the bills, I ended up taking a working two part time jobs instead because the pay was better.

I wouldn't object to Social Security if they'd just run it the way they said they would....but they aren't and apparently can't, so yah, horrid as it sounds. I have to agree!

Newbius said...

Just to head off criticism about welfare, please note that I am EXCLUDING veterans' benefits from the discussion. I am already on record as supporting our veterans.

"Any veteran who was injured in the line of duty battling for our Liberty, and who needs support, should get it. These men and women are willing to pay the ultimate price to secure our liberty. This is NOT welfare. This is a debt of honor that is owed. "

Our men and women in the military wrote a blank check to the Government, payable in any amount up to and including their lives, to serve the Nation. We owe them.

Bubblehead Les. said...

How about I get the money I've paid into Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid BACK before you eliminate it? Not drawing any benefits yet, so it's cool with me to keep those on it who are getting it.

Newbius said...

Sorry, Les. It won't work.

Part of the 'big lie' that we've been fed is that this is a retirement account. It isn't, and never has been.

The only way that it passed muster the first time was that the government argues to the courts that it was a tax. While the receipts are itemized separately for accounting purposes, the money actually goes into the general fund. That's the bad news.

The good news is that the 10% rate (total) eliminates the employee portion of OASDI and Medicare and lowers the rates across the board to the lowest bracket currently in place. While I would love to get a refund of the considerable monies paid into the system, I do not think it is viable. The better news is that with the elimination of all of these bureaucracies, regulations, tax burdens, and minimum wage laws, goods and services will cost less. This means that you keep more of what you make and spend less on stuff you already buy. More money for your retirement account from now until when you do finally hang them up.

JB Miller said...

I support this plan.

I would immediately invest all that money I didn't need to pay the fed. Stimulating the economy. Even drug dealers would be paying taxes.

Obsidian said...

If you're fielding questions, I'm curious about your stance on birthright citizenship. How is it not Constitutional, given Amendment 14, sec. 1?

I won't bite, I promise. :) It's just I've heard that from a number of sources and to be honest that position makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

Newbius said...


The author of the 14th Amendment explicitly intended that citizenship not be automatic upon birth on US Soil (jus soli), and meant for citizenship to be conferred by the allegiance of the parent(s) as well (jus sanguine). The first part of the amendment outlines the action, the second outlines the condition. The majority in the Slaughter-House cases got this part right.

I believe that the majority's reasoning in United States v. Wong Kim Ark is flawed. However, I would at least grant residency status to those children with the requirement that they do a formal naturalization upon reaching the age of majority. "Subject to the jurisdiction thereof" was meant to identify the citizenship status of the parents to determine allegiance. That the Wong Kim Ark majority essentially threw out the second part of the 14th amendment's verbiage is (imho) a travesty.

America is, more than the borders which delineate our territory, an idea. There are lots of 'Americans' who have not yet made it here. Just as there are lots of 'citizens' whom it would be a stretch to call 'Americans'.

Newbius said...

To the above comment, I will add: At least in the Wong Kim Ark case, the parents were legal residents at the time of his birth. This would place the parents in the category of 'aliens under the jurisdiction of the United States', but not 'under the full jurisdiction of the United States' as they still owed an allegiance to China.

Aliens here illegally are not under our jurisdiction at all, have no legal status here, and no proof of allegiance to the USA.