Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I did on 9/11/10

Remember the message of 9/11/01?
"We are vulnerable, and the bad people want to kill us and destroy our way of life."
Remember what you did on 9/11/01?

I do.

I hugged and kissed my wife. I checked on my neighbors. I made sure my kids were safe at school. Then, I cleaned my guns and made sure they functioned and I re-checked my ammunition supply. Then, we watched in horror and fear as our way of life was threatened, our citizens were murdered, and symbols of our prosperity came crashing down-killing thousands.

So now it is nine years later. The only extant threats to our way of life come from our own government. The "religion of peace" advocates are still at war with the West. The Patriot Movement is branded as nothing but Domestic Terrorists. And, normal people continue to live their lives as is they have no power or control in our society, where power and control rest in The People.

So what did I do yesterday? I changed the backstrap on my new pistol to better fit my hand. I made pizza for my kids in college. I did some shopping. I took my wife and oldest son to visit my other two kids at college. We had dinner and conversation until late in the evening.

I lived my life normally.

In the United States today, living life normally and well, enjoying the time together, is the ultimate tribute to those who have sacrificed to make it possible.

Our nation is not just a geographic location. We are a state of mind. Our soldiers do not fight for territory, they fight for ideas. We fight for ideas. We fight for Liberty, and the ability to enjoy it.

So, on 9/11/2010, I celebrated Liberty. I lived. I loved. I prospered.

I hope that you did too.



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Old NFO said...

I did, and enjoyed a dinner with friends. We did talk about 9/11 and what we are doing to keep on going.