Monday, September 20, 2010

No Deal

You would think that in today's economy a car seller would look at cash on the desk and realize that they have a solid, bonafide offer. You would be wrong.

Found a nice used car at a new car dealer. Price was above Blue Book "Private Party" but below "Suggested Dealer Retail". I made them an offer that was about equal to the Private Party price, and at which they should have still made a nice profit, if their used car manager is worth his salt. And the cash was real, fanned out nice and pretty on the desk...

Of course, the Kabuki dance then starts. They bring out all of the wonderful things that make this the only 2001 Toyota Corolla within 500 miles that is worth owning, I point out that they took it in trade a month ago and it is collecting dust, and that they have lowered the price on it already to generate interest (the Wayback Machine is a wonderful toy).

Somehow, they didn't figure that their prospective consumer would actually know something. Then they tried to pass off their processing fees, handling charges, et cetera as mandatory by statute....

< SIGH >

I walked.

I sent the salesman a nice follow up email. Told him if we were really only apart by the cost of the taxes and tags, maybe we could work something out, and offered a little more cash to entice him.

They must think that there aren't about 15,000 cars for sale within a 100 mile radius of my house to choose from, or something. Or, that theirs really is the only car around like it and it is super special...I guess they like their car more than they like my money.

No deal.

How was your day?


cryptical said...

It's amazing how some people make it hard to give them your money, especially in an economy like this.

Wait a few weeks and then go in and offer less. Maybe they'll get it, maybe not.

Jay G said...

You're kidding. They turned down CASH? On a TEN YEAR OLD CAR???

Unless you put $300 on the table, they're fools.

Ditto what cryptical said. If the car's still there in a month, walk in and offer 10% less than you put down this time.

Newbius said...

Actually Jay, it was more like $5,000. I think the salesman wasn't prepared for that...and then the sales manager got greedy.

There are other cars out there and I am still looking.

Anonymous said...

I always go in the dealer's office with a stack of vehicle printouts from and like sites. They always hate to hear, "Well, there's really no shortage of used vehicles to choose from." while ruffling the stack of printouts. Car salespeople hate to see me coming.

Willingness to 'walk' is the strongest negotiating tool there is.


Newbius said...

Followed up with the dealer a few days later. Turns out we were closer than the salesman was willing to admit. So, instead of full-credit for the sale, he has to split the deal with a co-worker.