Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day labor

This weekend was another one of home improvement projects. I got another item crossed off of the "Honey-Do" list, and the little things are making a big difference. In honor of those whom I labor for, and, in honor of those who have labored for me, I do this work. I do appreciate the extra time to do this for them.

But I am not celebrating unionism. Are you?




On a Wing and a Whim said...

I'm working on the plane today. My wonderful and gracious hosts are chilling out to videogames together and celebrating finishing the summer-long project of removing a tree and putting in an entryway.

Really, the thought of unions only crossed my mind when I heard a union was hosting a picnic downtown on the park strip - but come on, man, it's a three day weekend during hunting season, when the blueberries, rapberries, crowberries, and salmonberries are ripe. Who cares about unions? It's all about cramming the last of the summer projects in as fall is here, or getting meat n' berries for the freezer.

Or for me, jus' another day working on the plane when the shops are closed, so I have to buy more leading edge tape tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

Not even close... :-) Sadly, I am working for the 'man'...