Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kabuki Sunday

Kabuki Theater. The highly stylized drama wherein the characters are known, the moves are well-scripted, and the outcomes known in advance. The plot is either historical, or hysterical, depending on the play. The players know their roles. The narration explains the action to the uninitiated.

Kind of like the Sunday talk shows.

Of the Sunday talk shows, the only one I can even stomach for brief stretches at a time is Fox News Sunday. Even this one gets to me after a few minutes and I have to leave the room. I leave because the play is the same every week, and only the plot topic changes. This week the topic is "Pledge to America".


Chris Wallace asks "Why don't you mention entitlement cuts?" to the StupidParty reps, and allows the lies about the economic record from the EvilParty reps. The goal? Another YouTube video with their logo in the lower corner showing politicians either saying incendiary things, or slyly ducking the questions that everybody knows won't get answered.

I would prefer it if the politicians told the truth. Unfortunately, the American populace would rather have sweet-smelling lies piped to them than face the aftermath of the last 75 years' greed and sloth. So, in order to remain electable, the politicians lie to us. They do the Kabuki Theater of the Sunday shows, trying to impress with their perfectly coiffed hair, their spray-on tans, and their ability to lie to the camera with well-practiced ease.

Here's an idea: Stop kicking the can down the road. Tell everybody currently receiving Social Security and Medicare that they are the last recipients. The systems are BROKE. INSOLVENT. Tell everybody else that the deductions for "OASD" and "MED" are taxes (because they are) and not savings accounts for the future (like they are marketed to us as). Tell everybody who is not yet a recipient that they will have to depend upon the charity of their communities and families, like the olden days, if they failed to prepare for the future. And eliminate ALL of the regulations affecting retirement age, pensions, and government-mandated health plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare.

The politicians won't tell us the above. Because the first one who does is immediately featured in an opposition party advertisement depicting them as wishing to starve old ladies, kill children, and destroy the "underprivileged" (whatever that means). But, it is the reality.

Boehner doesn't wish to broach the subject of "non-discretionary spending" where ALL of our tax revenue goes, because to do so is to start the ad machines running. Hoyer wants to keep blaming the previous executive for the economic decline because Bush was fool enough to sign the Democrat's last two budgets. Everybody does the dance, and we already know the outcome.

Throw the bums out. Throw ALL of them out. And, tell the replacements that the Founder's Republic is the Constitutional limit to their authority. And, they better trim back to it or face the wrath of a public that is tired of being lied to by their servants.