Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blogroll update, part deux

Bringing forward two follow-up comments from the previous post.

I had intended to post this in the comments of the thread at Sipsey Street, but the comments applet bombed. I do not know if it made it to the moderation queue..

I am going to consolidate my 2 comment responses from my blog here to refine what my point is. Please forgive the cross-posting:

To me the issue isn't about how much revenue you generate on ads. It is the principle of utilizing other people's intellectual property for your own gain.

I would think that someone who professes to be a "threeper" and who claims to understand the fundamental issues of Life, Liberty, and Property, would grasp why I am objecting.

I'll reiterate. I may be off base here, and I am OK with that.

Look, we all link around to each other, usually with our own commentary added, and that's fine.

When "Jennifer III" had a Wordpress blog, it was on my sidebar, as was the current site until yesterday. If I want an RSS Reader to feed me links to sites I go to anyway, I can get it done another way without having to filter out the ads, whose revenue is not shared with the source (royalties, anybody?).

Oh, and double-check the "Fair Use" laws again, I am pretty sure there are limitations on Commercial Use without written permission...

I have no personal beef with "Jennifer III". I am just objecting to the "ThreeperSphere" site's current composition, which gives the impression that the originating authors like Mike V, Pete @ WRSA, and the other authors linked there support, contribute to, and/or benefit from being linked there.

I'll add this to the above: I am aware that things are usually tight at Mike's house. However, Mike doesn't use advertisements here, even though the incremental pennies that they would generate might help him. A link from "Sipsey Street" is usually good for several hundred additional hits per day, according to my Sitemeter. This might only generate enough money to cover hosting for a mirroring site. It might not cover expenses at all. I don't know, since I use free tools to get my words out and do not run ads.

What I do know is this, I am not in this for the money.

I am in this to exchange ideas, to teach the uninformed, and to have an outlet where I can vent without destroying my marriage or my friendships. My hope is that Jennifer III's heart is in the right place on this one. For now, I will stand by my decision.

I remain open to the idea that I am wrong on this.




Farm.Dad said...

I use your blog as a handy aggrigator myself ( hey most of my daily reads are on your sidebar ) , you are not wrong in this imo.

Old NFO said...

Concur- We don't do this for money...