Monday, August 2, 2010

More boring stuff

The remodel is almost finished. The new pantry should be completely painted and the doors hung by tonight. This has been a very satisfying little project.

TheGirl is still on travel and should be flying to Kalifornia this afternoon for the second leg of her swing out west. We miss her a lot already and can't imagine having no kids around while they are all at college. This is a new experience for us.

New GAME! (Well, not new for some of you!) Munchkin! You must go get one and play it with friends as twisted as you are. You will thank me later.

Hope your weekend went well.



OrangeNeck said...

Empty nest syndrome. And you're compensating for it by playing Munchkin?? LOL!!!

Obsidian said...

Oh Lord he us all, he found out about Munchkin. Sorry Newbius, I feel like I've let you down.

Obsidian said...

*help us all. Stpid mobile onscreen keyboard.

Newbius said...


Do you think Kathy will cut me a break on the price if I buy all of the expansion sets at once??? :)

Obsidian said...

I shall pray for you. Anyway, You can't buy them all at once. As soon as you do they'll just make more.

Seriously? I would get them slowly. Too much too fast and you run the risk of confusing newer players. I realize this sounds unlikely, because Munchkin is pretty basic, but most eansions add something new like mounts are super weapons or super mounts or whatever and explaining them all is a pain for both you and the novice. A staggered buying strategy will also stretch out your enjoyment because as soon as the game gets old you can give it a shot in the arm with a new expansion.

Good gaming!