Friday, July 9, 2010

Recommended Reading

My book order from Amazon arrived yesterday with the mail. On the advice of people that I trust I had purchased Fighter Pilot, the Stieg Larsson's Milennium Trilogy, and Corpse in Armor. After finishing my work for the day, I started reading Corpse in Armor.

And I couldn't put it down.


Martin McPhillips keeps the pace running fast and furiously from the opening scene until the very last page. If you are a fan of the political or action thriller genre; if you like the works of Vince Flynn, Joel Rosenberg, or Tom Clancy, you will enjoy this book as I did.

Go buy it.




Ed Rasimus said...

"Fighter Pilot" comes in the same package with "Corpse in Armor" and you read that one first? I'm crushed! But I agree, McP did a good job.

Newbius said...

Mr. Rasimus,

Your book is up next...

I truly did open Corpse in Armor expecting to get a quick chapter or two into it, after work and before dinner. Too good a read. I read it straight through to the end in one sitting.

I am looking forward to reading about Robin Olds. He was a contemporary of my great uncle (an ace in the Pacific), and flew a couple of the planes that my grandfather helped design. They and their contemporaries earned the title of "The Greatest Generation" and I am forever in their debt for the lessons and values that they taught to me.