Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not read here today

Things I am not blogging about today:

Blago corruption
New Black Panther Racism
NAACP Racism
Tea Party Racism
Federal Employee Racism
The destruction of Capitalism by Obama
The destruction of Capitalism by Barney Frank
The destruction of Capitalism by Chris Dodd
The destruction of Capitalism by Nancy Pelosi
The destruction of the rule of law by Liberal Socialists
Elena Kagan (see above)
IRS 1099 kerfluffle
The Health Care takeover
The Bank takeover
The failed economy
The failed job market
The failed housing market
The failed Credit market
The failed Stimulus
The failed TARP bailout
The failed GM takeover
The failed Chrysler takeover
The theft of the automakers by the Unions
The theft of the taxpayers money by the Unions
The thug tactics of the Unions
The tyranny of the Majority in Congress
The tyranny of the Minority in charge of Chicago
The tyranny of pure democracy
The Corrupt Crony Capitalists
George Soros, Jeffrey Immelt, Lloyd Blankfein, Brian Moynihan (see above)
And so on...

Instead, how about a picture of my cat Romeo:

Don't forget to listen to "B B and Guns" tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern!




Anonymous said...

Did you alter the colours in the photo? Or do you have a dark-grey cat?


Newbius said...


Romeo is a Russian Blue. He is not "show quality" due to a tiny patch of white fur on his belly. We bought him from an animal rescue organization as a kitten.

The photo was shot in natural light, no flash or other enhancements, using a Canon T1i and an 18-55 lens. The picture has not been altered to my knowledge but I would have to ask my son to be sure. The photo is spot-on to how he looks.

Romeo is a great reminder to me that there are beautiful things all around us, and that we need to take time to appreciate them once in a while.