Thursday, July 1, 2010

July the First

In Virginia, my adopted home state, new laws take effect on July 1st. One of those new laws that takes effect this year is Restaurant Carry.

I didn't go out to eat last night, but intend to do so tonight. Just because I can. I am now another year older, and the state I live in is almost to the point of treating me like an adult. I had the human right to carry in a restaurant for self defense before today. Now I have the legal right to do so as well.

Small steps...take enough of them and your journey is begun.




Daphne said...

Good on you.

I must admit to never abiding by state law when it concerns being armed.

Taking responsibility for myself is second nature and the state has nothing to do with the matter.

Jay G said...

Congrats, Newbius.

Bet that meal tastes even better now that it's got an extra helping of liberty... ;)

Newbius said...

Amazingly, there were no reports of blood pouring out onto the sidewalks of the restaurants last night. Even though the VCDL held rallies at numerous locations throughout the Commonwealth, still no blood was shed.

Brigid said...

I'lll have a scoop of freecom on the side. That's great news.