Thursday, June 17, 2010

NRA and the DISCLOSE Act

Please go read David Codrea's piece on this.

I just got off the phone with ILA also.

I sat through the talking points message, then held for a live person. After registering my view with them opposing their position (as self-serving and wrong), and urging them to score this vote like they would any gun legislation (regardless of their self-serving carve-out), I asked the rep if NRA would be changing their position. She said "yes" and that there would be an announcement. They are supposed to have a press release out shortly about it.

Apparently, the membership is fired up over this more than they have been in recent times. The rep I spoke to told me that they have received over 50,000 calls on this issue in the last 24 hours.


Keep up the pressure on the NRA. Let them know that your Liberties need to be defended, and that throwing the smaller advocate groups under the bus doesn't cut it, even for a "single-issue organization". We all stand together on this, or surely we will hang separately.


UPDATE (11:58PM): Politico is reporting that Pelosi is pulling the DISCLOSE bill from a floor vote tomorrow. Objections from the Congressional Black Caucus and the Blue Dog Democrats were insurmountable and Pelosi doesn't have the votes necessary to pass this bill this week. Expect more arm-twisting in the next few days as the Democrats try their fervent best to re-instate their most draconian anti-speech laws recently struck down by the SCOTUS in the Citizens United case.


Borepatch said...

That right there's a nice bit of reporting. Won't be seen in the Lamestream Media, either.

[clap clap clap]

DirtCrashr said...

Did the poison-pill work? :-)