Friday, June 25, 2010

Escalation, or ???

The "powers that be" don't like Free People in opposition to their schemes. This much is clear. One man's freedom fighter is another government's terrorist. It depends on the perspective. Be careful what you stand for.

Also, be careful of your surroundings and wary of strangers. They might be on Freedom's side, or they might not. Never trust, always verify, and be skeptical of unsolicited offers of help. Even from allies.

Jennifer III got a visit yesterday. Her tale is a chilling one. These people are either running a false-flag op, or they really are allies. Read between the lines though, and something even more chilling becomes clear. TPTB have escalated, and are now reading our mail (I always assumed that they could...) and know who and where we are. They are looking for a reason to shut down dissent. If they don't find one, they might instead find a sympathetic judge who will let them create a reason.

Guard you liberty. Monitor your surroundings. Stay alert. Have a communication plan ready to go. The hour is late and the days are getting shorter...


Update: Jennifer III has updated her post. The contacts were Neo-Nazis, not GOV. I still believe that the above advice is sound. Always pay attention to the signs of the times...
“You say, ‘Red sky at night, what a delight! Red sky in the morning, cloudy and storming.’

You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, yet you can't interpret the signs of the times?" Matthew 16:1-3

Works for me...


Farm.Dad said...

Newbius She updated the post , and has basicly id'd the folks as NON .gov .

Newbius said...

Thanks for the update FarmDad. I'll stand by my advice though. Using caution and discretion in your communications, and whom you trust, is never a bad idea.