Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogroll Changes

The Blogroll has changed dramatically in the last week. The list is huge, so instead I will direct you to the category of "People I've Met". Many of them moved up from "People I Read Daily", and I am humbled by the sheer awesomeness that they represent.

If I met you in Charlotte, and your name is NOT listed, PLEASE let me know.

Also, there have been quite a few additions to the "People I Read Daily" category, mostly because I moved the links from my bookmarks to my Blogroll. These people also have great offerings and should be on your daily reads, too. I will be adding more links, so if I know you and you aren't there. Let me know.

Last: I reciprocate. If you have me on your blogroll and I am not listing you here, drop me a note and I will add you.



DLS said...

Thanks for including NRAblog -- by the way, love your comments policy :)

Newbius said...

I like it too.

I loved meeting with you, Miss D. NRA's hospitality, and your enthusiastic presence, made us all smile. Thanks again. I promise I will stop in to HQ and say "Hi".