Saturday, March 27, 2010

Window War

Folks, let me be perfectly clear here. The people of these United States have expressed their opposition to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda. They were mocked, openly scorned, and dismissed.

The people gathered by the thousands millions around the country on 4/15/09 and 9/12/09, and then again on the Capitol steps last weekend. They were mocked, openly scorned, and dismissed.

When the people shout from the rooftops that they do not want what their elected representatives Masters are doing, they should be heeded. Instead, they are mocked, openly scorned, and dismissed.

So, for those who call for the same tactics to be used, via the political process - the soapbox, and the ballot box; and, when those tactics yield the same results as before, I ask you: "What is next"?

Surely the message must be heard at some point, right? Well, it is obvious to me that the message IS being heard. It is just that the message is unwelcome to the collectivists and do-gooders and Marxists in charge right now. The MESSAGE is being mocked, openly scorned, and dismissed.

After all, they WON, right? Forget that pesky Constitution.

With the above the state of affairs currently in the United States, I pose the question: How would you change your message delivery such that it bears consideration? I am open to suggestions. I do not condone breaking windows, but neither will I condemn it.

In truth, a brick through glass is far preferable than a brick of brass.




Wai said...

How about an arrow with a note wrapped around the shaft?

Old NFO said...

Soap box, ballot box, and God forbid, bullet box... It's been done before, hopefully it will NOT have to be done again...

Anonymous said...

I heard them. A lot of old misinformed angry incoherent people. This country can not be governed by catering to the whims of people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. There was an election. The black guy won, the old white guy lost, by several million votes. Far too many for the supreme court to alter the outcome.When your heroes are shouting absurdities such as,"keep the governments hands off my medicare,how can we not mock you.Man up. I lived through 8 effin years of GWB You can survive 4 years of da black guy. theotherjo

Newbius said...

Another "Anonymous" heard from. How touching. If you take the time to read the blog, or the blog of any other freedom-loving individual, you would discover that none of us were fans of GWB either.

And I suggest to you that you might want to pull your head out of your collectivist ass and "man-up" to the fact that I don't give a shit what color the guy is. His core is Red, as in communist, and THAT is what I have a problem with. Why is it that all of you supporters of the Statist agenda think that we care one whit what color the President is? Why do you guys care so much?

As for the old, white guy? I didn't vote for him (I voted for his running mate in hopes that the old white guy would keel over on or about January 22nd). I am betting you didn't vote for the white guy either, but only because he was white and NOT a Socialist.

If I gave you a copy of the Constitution, would you be able to find where Health Care is a right, and where the authority is for Congress to regulate (much less MANDATE) it?

Let me know.

Newbius said...

One other thing. Those "misinformed angry incoherent people" ARE the government. THEY are the power in this country. To suggest that the country "can not be governed by catering to the whims of people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about", I say you are wrong. That is EXACTLY HOW the Democrats govern today. And, by ensuring that the people remain serfs dependent upon government, they entrench the power structure even further.

While I will acknowledge that elections have consequences in the PRIORITIES of government (and rightfully so), I refuse to grant to them any authority over any subject not enshrined in our founding documents or under the authority therein. ALL of the entitlement programs are unconstitutional. So, I will join you in mocking someone who says "keep government off of my Medicare", if such a thing was ever actually uttered.

Government in the United States has no business catering to the whims of ANYBODY, or ANY CORPORATION. Government in the United States is supposed to be about ensuring equal treatment before the law, and getting the hell out of the way the rest of the time.

It is too bad that Wilson, Roosevelt (both of them), Johnson, and the rest thought it incumbent upon them to orchestrate the nanny-state we now live in. We have grown soft as a country because we insist on removing the consequences from the actions. It is long past time to change that.

Anonymous said...

I rest my case. theotherjimmyolson. I see your powers of observation are some what deficient. I'm using my buds computer.

Newbius said...

Not deficient. Since the IP addresses were not a match, I gave credit to an alternate. "theotherjimmyolson" is a different moniker than "theotherjo". Close, but different.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

You asked for suggestions on how to modify the content or delivery of your message. Since I see your positions as delusional, contradictory, incredible, treasonous,threatening,narrow-minded, and at times ludicrous,you might want to start there.For instance take the word communist. You use the word as booga booga, a cudgel or epithet. I don't believe you know or care what a communist actually is.Obama is not a communist,he is a moderate centrist. I am a communist.That kind of booga booga propaganda is no longer effective.theother

Newbius said...

As I clearly stated in my previous post "Us versus Them", we have completely different world views. I do not use the term communist as an epithet, merely a statement of fact.

I wholly reject the argument that "from each according to his abilities, to each according to their needs" has any merit as a rational way to govern. You believe it is a good starting point.

For my world view to succeed, we each merely need to live and let live. For your world view to succeed, you need to enslave me, either in whole or in part, or destroy me.

I believe my world view to be wholly consistent with the views of the Founders of this great country. I believe your world view to be wholly incompatible with them.

Our systems of governance will never find common ground, even in the soft socialism we have attempted over the last 75 years or so. Either your side has to prevail, or mine does. Right now, your side has the levers of government in their grasp. Yet, the people still hold the power.

The only way you will remove that power is through force. Naked, brutal, aggressive force. What you advocate will result in untold pain, misery, and suffering in our country. Everywhere it has been tried, this has been the result. All in the interests of equalizing the outcomes and spreading the misery. You, and every person who believes as you do, will own the blood of those whom you will trample in your mad rush to right the world's ills.

For what? Power?

I hope you are ready, "theotherjimmyolson", I really do.


Mike W. said...

This country can not be governed by catering to the whims of people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about

Really? Then how did we end up with GWB and Obama?