Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pro-crime Democrats stall in Virginia

In an effort to slow down legislation removing restrictions on law-abiding citizens, State Senator Henry Marsh III has created a subcommittee of rabidly anti-gun Democrats to handle gun issues.

The NRA is reporting this act as follows:

With two weeks remaining in the 2010 session, the Chairman of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, State Senator Henry Marsh (D-16), announced this morning the creation of a new “Sub-Committee” which will hear all the firearm related bills passed by the House of Delegates.

Senator Marsh’s motion is unprecedented and a direct slap in the face to Virginia’s law-abiding firearm owners and to the House of Delegates, which has already vetted and voted to approve these bills with many garnering strong bi-partisan support.

Senator Marsh has previously been quoted lamenting the fact that he didn't have enough votes to stop these reforms from passing in his Senate Committee for Courts of Justice. So, in what I believe to be a cynical ploy to retain control over these issues (against the will of the people and the majority in the Legislature), he has created this "Special" committee.

The members of the committee are Puller (Chairman), Howell, Lucas, Quayle, Marsh. Four "F"-rated Democrats and one "A"-rated Republican (Quayle).

Shame on you Senator Marsh. Shame on your pro-crime positions against the citizens of your district. Shame on you for supporting laws that have their history in racism and oppression against minorities. Your constituents deserve better than this.


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Newbius said...

Never let a good comment go to waste. I posted the following at the "The Shad Plank" in response to their article:

Creative legislating, indeed. Unable to slow down or stop these bills from passing out of his committee due to bipartisan support for these common-sense reforms, Marsh resorts to parliamentary abuse of power. By stacking a subcommittee with "pro-crime" hoplophobic legislators, he is ensuring his ability thwart the will of the people of Virginia and continue the discredited agenda of the gun-banners. Hopefully, the outcome of McDonald vs. Chicago will put an end to these shenanigans once and for all.