Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Virginia Legislative update

The Virginia General Assembly is meeting today for the final passage of several pro-gun bills. Today is "Crossover Day" wherein bills are presented in each chamber for final passage before crossing over to the other chamber for final concurrence and passage. The following bills have been passed in the House of Delegates, and will be sent to the Senate for final vote before being sent to the Governor:

HB 52 reduces the penalty for not having your permit on your person and provides an affirmative defense and provision to waive penalty.

HB 26 Amends the documentation requirements for obtaining an permit.

HB 637 Waives the CCW application fee for certain members of the Coast Guard.

HB 854 Castle Doctrine

HB 8 allows renewal of CCW by mail.

HB 49 repeals the "One-Gun-a-Month" law.

HB 69 Virginia Firearms Freedom Act

HB 79 Closes public access to the CCW Permit Database and bars the Clerk of the Court from providing access to the applications.

HB 108 Limits Gun "buy-back" programs, and requires disposition of those firearms through licensed firearms dealers rather than by destruction.

HB 109 Gun dealer privacy and taxation. Repeals local authority to tax gun dealers and mandates destruction of the tax records previously collected.

HB 171 Provides immunity from liability for owners of weapons stolen from locked vehicles.

HB 236 Enforces preemption against localities from enacting anti-hunting regulations, and establishes a uniform penalty for discharging a firearm towards a subdivision that is within range of the firearm.

HB 490 Legislation to develop a plan for lifetime issuance of a concealed weapons permit.

HB 870 removes the option for a locality to require fingerprints on a CCW Permit application.

HB 871 provides for the right to an ore tenus hearing.

HB 885 Creates a new exemption to the general prohibition against carrying concealed weapons by allowing a person who may lawfully possess a firearm to carry a handgun in a private motor vehicle or boat if the handgun is secured in a container or compartment.

HB 1070 Persons with a valid permit may carry into an emergency shelter.

HB 1092 Retired law enforcement may carry anywhere in the state.

HB 1191 allows a Circuit Court judge to authorize issuance by the clerk of the court.

HB 1256 Law enforcement officers who have resigned in good standing may carry, as retired LOE's can.

HB 1379 Provides that certain Northern Virginia localities may adopt local ordinances that regulate the possession and storage of firearms, ammunition, or components or combination thereof at child-care facilities, so long as such regulation is not more extensive in scope than comparable state regulations applicable to family day-care homes.

These bills will now cross over to the state Senate for passage. Although most of these bills have overwhelming support, their prospects in the Senate are less than certain. Please contact your state Senator and express support for these pro-rights bills so that we can continue our common-sense reforms of Virginia's firearms laws.



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