Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taxes...and other ramblings

I just finished navigating the maze that is our nation's tax code. As usual, we paid more than we were supposed to. However, when filing estimated taxes for self-employment (you know, the voluntary part) it is difficult to accurately predict how the arcana will affect you without a Ouija Board or expensive accountant/lawyer.

The bad news is I lent Leviathan a metric crap-load of money, interest-free. The good news is that Leviathan still has some greenbacks left over from the last printing press run.

It is too bad they don't do refunds in Double Eagles...

As for the State, I owe them less than $100 bucks-"net" after withholding. All things considered, I'll take that outcome.

Now, if we could just repeal the 16th Amendment and go to a consumption-based tax, life would be good. And, don't even try and tell me that sales taxes are regressive and affect the "poor" disproportionately. That's crap and everybody knows it. A flat-rate sales or consumption tax on ALL new items is the most fair way to fund the necessary functions of government. It also means that those who spend more pay more in taxes, while those who spend less would pay less. Oh, and if you spend someone else's money (using debt like credit cards and personal loans), you would pay more in taxes than your earnings would otherwise dictate.

Perhaps that would incentivize people to actually save for things instead of feeding the beast with debt. It is too bad that common sense, isn't, nowadays. With a National Sales tax, fairly applied (meaning EVERYBODY pays), the consumer's choices become paramount in minimizing their taxable exposure. If someone has less money to spend, then buying used (which would incur no sales tax) lowers the burden. Someone who desires to have the latest and greatest new thing would pay for that choice with the attendant cost of government included.

Speaking of the cost of government, if every purchase exposed the cost to the consumer, don't you think it would make said consumer a wee bit more active in the machinations of governance? Plus, if the incentives for indolence are removed (meaning NO welfare), it removes a perversely powerful special interest from the pressure groups influencing Congress.

And, YES, I said NO welfare. The care and feeding of the elderly, sick, and unexpectedly pregnant used to fall to family and friends, including faith-based charities and churches. It worked well for a couple of hundred years. It is time to return to that system.

Please note that I do NOT include disabled veterans in the above category. Any veteran who was injured in the line of duty battling for our Liberty, and who needs support, should get it. These men and women are willing to pay the ultimate price to secure our liberty. This is NOT welfare. This is a debt of honor that is owed.

Anyway, enough ramblings. I hope your weekend went well.



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Old NFO said...

I'd LOVE to see welfare go away... sigh...