Friday, February 5, 2010


Isn't it funny how the people who claim to be against prejudice are typically the same people who advocate for infringements of your rights in different ways?

In the current brouhahas regarding DADT and HCI/Brady Campaign vs Starbucks, the prejudices are telling. If you substituted "Negro" or "Jew", or "Catholic", or "Italian", or "Chinaman" for "Gays" or "Guns" in the arguments, you could rightly conclude that the people doing the advocacy against certain people, groups, or rights are merely exercising prejudice against the targeted group. Prejudice that would not be tolerated were it directed against a politically-favored group today.

Any time you run across someone attempting to curtail your rights, or advocate for policies which do not assure the maximum liberty possible, do a check and see if the policy fails the "Jews in the attic" test. If it fails, it should be opposed.

In the fight for Liberty in America today, we are all Jews...



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