Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Perhaps it is fitting that the Global Warming crowd is getting hit on all sides right now. From Senate hearings being canceled due to blizzard conditions, to Prius owners being told that their wonder-mobiles might be flawed, Karma is rearing her head and exacting her toll.

I can appreciate efficiency, especially when efficiency manifests itself in good design (which the Prius undoubtedly is). What I cannot stand is the sanctimonious preaching of the eco-weenie crowd who think that the Prius is God's own answer to efficient fuel usage.

Having to sit around a new Prius owner for any length of time is painful. So much so, that a term has been coined to explain it: "Priuspism". I would define this a little more specifically as: "An eco-weenie's extended auto-erotic joy at being more environmentally friendly than thou, which is painful to be around for more than an hour."

Now if only I could get the Supreme Court to recognize that "Global Warming" is really a religion, and that Congress would be barred from Establishing adherence to same, then my life would be complete for the week.




Anonymous said...

I can't say that I've had any Prius owners act sanctimonious towards me. Maybe it's because I have a Honda Insight that I bought in 2001 when Toyota was still TALKING about selling Priuses (Prii?) but you couldn't test drive one let alone look at one at a dealership in my area.

So, in my case, I settled on the Insight due to availability and price at the time. It' turned out to be a good buy as the tax discounts AND fuel economy have paid dividends over the years with an overall average fuel economy of 49.9 mpg.

Owning the insight hasn't stopped me driving the past echo-warriors and blaping the throttle under compression braking in the M35A2 or making the Rolls Royce B60 in the Ferret backfire (under engine braking, ignition switch off, full throttle for 1-2 seconds then ignition on and back on the throttle).

I've also rigged an ersatz PA from the Ferret and played Scottish Military music while driving through hippie town....(24th Guards Brigade at Anzio). ;-)

Barak Hussein Schmuck said...

Hey, I've tried to make friends with those eco-scumbags and it was all for nought; I told a meeting of the local Greenies for Pink Global Peace, that I love nature so deeply that I celebrate every Earth Day by burning a huge stack of discarded tires soaked in recycled oil, in tribute to Gaia. They just stared at me and sniffed.

So I shot them. (Just kidding )

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