Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting it right

The Virginia Assembly is now in session. Several pro-gun bills are pending before the VA legislature this year and there is going to be a rally of gun owners on January 18th. According to a post by Turk, CCW permit holders will be the ones NOT having to suffer the indignity of being poked, prodded, and scanned for weapons...because we will be CARRYING THEM ON OUR PERSONS LEGALLY while visiting our representatives. We will have an express lane!


Seriously folks. This is how it should be.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has a tracker of pending bills before the Virginia Legislature that they support. These are all "Sensible Gun Laws", in that they remove silly restrictions currently placed upon the law-abiding in the Commonwealth.

To this list, I would like my Delegate to add legislation affirming that state entities (which are NOT the legislature) are prohibited from infringing on our Constitutional (Federal and State) Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Specifically, that the state should preempt any and all laws by any municipality, regulatory agency, or College Board of Regents which usurps the legislature's purview in this area. If we are really trying to prevent another Virginia Tech tragedy, disarming the victims is not the way to achieve it.

When I visit with my delegate on the 18th, I will be bringing this letter as well as this one, and requesting of him that the Legislature extend preemption of ALL gun issues, whether open-carry or concealed-carry to all agencies in the state. Additionally, I want the legislature to work on open reciprocity of all permit holders from other states, to ensure that other gun owners do not run afoul of any patchwork laws which may trip them up.

Sounds ambitious...but the opportunity to act is before us like never before. I hope to see you there.




Wai said...

Man, I wish I lived in Virginia.

Lord Obsidian said...

How'd that case at GMU turn out?